Company Profile

Built upon a strong foundation of highly experienced and knowledgeable staff, YSCO Geomatics have decades of experience in the field of surveying and planning.

Our History

Originally established as Youdale Strudwick & Company Pty.Ltd until 1999, YSCO Geomatics has proudly serviced the land development industry for more than 35 years. We bring decades of experience to every job we undertake and are committed to exceptional standards of quality at all times.

Our company was founded with one overriding goal and purpose: to provide a multifaceted and wide ranging consulting service. Since our foundation, we have grown exponentially into a medium sized multi-disciplined land resource consultancy firm, offering high quality advice in the fields of Urban and Environmental Planning, Project Management, Geomatic Engineering, Soil and Water Management, and Land and Engineering Surveying.

Our People

A core founding member of our organisation, Registered Surveyor Philip Youdale brings a wealth of experience to the table. Holding a Bachelor of Surveying Degree (1979) from the University of New South Wales and further study in the field of Strata Title Management, Philip has extensive industry knowledge.

Philip’s experience has encompassed medium to high density residential development, including establishment of alternative ownership concepts and maintenance of development character through the establishment of various By-Laws and Community/Neighbourhood Associations.

Philip has also worked within Germany and Canada for extended periods, and has had a wide exposure to planning concepts utilised in other countries.

Peter specialises in Land Inventory and Land Management, with extensive experience in urban planning and land development for YSCO and external agencies since the late 1980s. Peter holds a Bachelor of Surveying Degree with Honours (1979) from the UNSW and has gained both a Post Graduate Diploma in Urban Studies (1988) from Macquarie University, and a post graduate Certificate in Soil and Water Management (University of Western Sydney).

In the past he has been engaged as an “in house” consultant to the NSW Department of Housing, and Landcom, acting as technical consultant to the Development Group and providing planning input to the Urban Consolidation Group.

Peter has acted for Landcom as external consultant in Project Management, since the late 1980s. In addition to Peter’s involvement with Government Departments, he has provided continual planning input to numerous private development organisations including Westfield Developments and Lend Lease.

Registered Surveyor and director of YSCO Geomatics since 1998, Rod holds a Bachelor of Surveying Degree (1987) from the University of New South Wales and Master of Planning Degree (2001) from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). Rod brings a wealth of experience to the table, specialising in High Rise CBD developments, urban and rural subdivisions and relocatable Home parks.

Our Commitment to Clients

YSCO Geomatics maintains a constant commitment to quality assurance documentation throughout the process, adhering to requirements stipulated by the NSW Department of Commerce.

It is YSCO Geomatics policy that at least one of our directors is personally involved in every project undertaken by the organisation. The policy guarantees the prompt resolution of any technical problems, which may arise during the course of a project. It also ensures the availability of at least two senior personnel for the completion of any given tasks, and maintains a quality of output often not available from larger organisations.

YSCO Geomatics

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