Cadastral Boundary Surveys

Our surveyors on staff are legally permitted to define the boundaries of your land and have a wealth of experience in determining the location of those tricky boundaries which have become obscured over time.

Topographic (mapping) Surveys

No matter what the size of the project, we are able to provide you with the necessary information for your design requirements. Our surveys are not limited to your land - we can also provide a land and contour survey of your warehouse for high rise racking purposes, the playing field to assist in drainage design, or your golf course to assist in the next "professionally designed" upgrade.

Road Design

Over the last 15 years, YSCO Geomatics staff have designed over 50km of roads in residential subdivisions in and around Sydney. Our designs are not restricted to public roadways - we can also design your driveway and your garage - all in accordance with local council requirements or the footpath area adjacent to next shopping centre development.

Drainage Design

Drainage requirements for your development, whether it be residential or commercial development, or a small extension to the rear of your existing house are determined by your local council. Our drainage experts will analyse your requirements with respect to the council's criteria, and devise a unique design to suit your needs.

Stormwater Detention Systems

Over the last 10 - 15 years, it has become the norm for councils to request stormwater detention facilities for developments of almost any size. YSCO Geomatics has become proficient at adapting basin designs to suit most sites.

OSD for a residential development on Sydney's Northern Beaches
Design by YSCO Geomatics
Approved OSD Design Plans for the OSD system in the photo above

Water Senstive Urban Design (WSUD)

Water cycle management is an important consideration for urban development which contributes to the ecological sustainability of a development.

Water cycle management covers:

  • drinking water
  • stormwater run-off
  • waterway health
  • sewage treatment
  • re-cycling

Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) is about the integration of water cycle management into urban planning and design.

YSCO Geomatics expertise primarily relates to the stormwater aspects of WSUD.

Treatment of Stormwater Runoff from Urban Roads for the protection of water quality - North Turramurra in Northern Sydney

WSUD is not new - YSCO first looked at a project containing WSUD elements in the early 1990s, at Berowra, in the North of Sydney. At that time, Councils were not aware of the virtues of WSUD design. Thinking has changed remarkably since the early 2000s. Many Australian consent authorities now require WSUD elements to be included in both residential and industrial developments. The science of WSUD is continually evolving, and YSCO Geomatics is constantly working with others in the field to keep abreast of the new developments.

A Bioretention Rain Garden and a Grassed swale - WSUD elements in a new development at Willoughby in Northern Sydney
(construction recently completed - grasses and plantings not yet properly established). Design by YSCO Geomatics

Sediment and Erosion Control

Sediment and erosion control measures are now are a requirement of most developments where the land will be disturbed. Our qualified staff are able to prepare the necessary plans and documentation for submission to council so that your development can get off to an early start.

Project Management

We are able to manage your development from start to finish, including the appointment of professionals from other disciplines, preparation of tenders, supervision during construction, liaison with servicing authorities, and preparation of the final sale plans for use by your marketing professionals.

Over the last ten years, YSCO Geomatics has project managed developments with a total net project value of over $0.5 billion, and a construction value of over $300 million.

Town Planning

Our qualified staff will analyse your requirements and suggest the best method of developing your land - whether it be by conventional subdivision, community title or strata title. We will also look at local council requirements so that you achieve the best yield from the development without compromising the urban outcome.

Shadow Diagrams

Our state of the art digital terrain computer software allows us to input the design of your proposed building and at the press of a button, determine the shadows which will be cast by it at any time, on any day of the year, at any place on the surface of the earth.

Additional Services

Geomatic Engineers are able to assist you in a variety of areas - if the project is some way associated with measurement, spatial information or collection of some form of data about the surface of the earth, you probably need our assistance. Please contact us.