What is Geomatics

What does Geomatics Offer?

Geomatic disciplines have become one of world’s fastest-growing information technology sectors. Here are some of the services that can be utilized for the oil and gas industry.

Positioning & Navigation The ability to locate a position on the earth and to properly navigate over its surface using conventional survey methods and technologically advanced systems such as Global Position Systems (GPS). Uses: Marine and land seismic surveys, culture data, safety, vehicle tracking.

Remote Sensing & Image Analysis
The capability to locate objects using satellite imagery (SPOT, Radarsat, IRS, etc.), aerial and terrestrial photography, radar, lasers, and marine acoustic systems. Surface and sub-surface data analysis complements the needs of the client.

Uses: Mapping of culture, access, topography, reconnaissance, water sources.

Information Management
Managing the spatial data to maximize the efficiency and quality of your database. Issues relating to management systems are partly legal, economic, and sociological.

Uses: Land sale mapping, ownership, datum issues, seismic data info, proprietary coding.

Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
Utilized for the visualization, management, and analysis of spatial data. Relates geographical locations with textual information to increase value. Uses: Interpreted seismic data cross-referenced with surface locations, ownership or lease right information, historical information (survey, seismic, miscellaneous).